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Marquee Hire Type - Framed Marquee Hire

Marquee Hire Northampton

Framed Marquee Hire Framed marquee is the modern style of marquee that is supported by an aluminium structure around the edge. It is because of this design, there are no centre poles or ropes which gives you and your guests the maximum amount of space inside.

Key features:

• Available on any surface: the flexible frame can be installed on most surfaces including sand, gravel, and concrete. This is because they are secured to the ground with weights instead of pegs.

• Installation anywhere: the lack of guy ropes means frame marquees can fit into almost any space possible.

• Practical in winter: the design of the framed marquees means they are better equipped to withstand higher wind speeds and heavy snow.

• Safety: made from flame-retardant PVC manufactured to the latest BSI standards.

• Maximum use of space: you may want to divide your marquee up to allow for separate sections throughout your function. The frame structure allows this to happen, should you want several different areas inside.

Entrance Marquee Hire

Marquee Hire Northampton

Whatever your function may be, everyone wants to make a statement on their arrival, which is why we offer a range of entrance marquees. An entrance marquee helps focus your guests’ attention on the entrance to the main structure.

Key features:

Shelter: from a practical point of view entrance marquees can provide shelter from heavy rain and high winds.

Flexible sizes: We have a range of entrance marquees available in different sizes and styles, including awnings and canopies.

Walkways: To give your entrance way even more kudos we can also provide walkways that can link your marquee to other nearby buildings, such as the toilets. Walkways are also practical should the floor be muddy underfoot.

Walkway Marquee Hire

Marquee Hire Northampton

Should you wish to connect your marquee to a nearby building, then fitting one of modular walkways would be a good option. They are also a good way of creating entrances to larger structures. We are able to provide walkways with windows, wall sides or just as a roof structure. Just tell us what you have in mind.

Canopy Marquee Hire

Marquee Hire Northampton

Canopy have become extremely popular because of their versatility and style. Although the top of the canopy looks fairly similar to a main marquee structure, the main difference is the canopy doesn’t have walls so it effectively provides your guests with shelter at the event you are hosting.





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